The Vacations
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The World Cruise

12/09/23 - 09/10/24
A 9 month (274 day) World Cruise that goes to all 7 continents, 60+ countries and 160+ ports

There will be a digital frame on the cruise (provided by a friend), that you can upload pictures to.

By The Way - You can send an email to "" and it will automatically upload that picture to the picture frame (when wi-fi connected).

If you want to view the Royal Caribbean Website you can go here
Click here to view the Royal Carribean Website

Gallopagos Island Cruise

07/19/23 - 07/31/23
This a 7-Day cruise of the Galapagos with three additional nights added on for the travel to and from Quito.

Panama Canal Cruise

04/03/23 - 04/17/23
Since the World Cruise doesn’t take me through the canal, because it goes through the southern tip of South America, I wanted to take a cruise through the Panama Canal.

This is that cruise!

Father/Son - Kiawah Island

02/20/23 - 02/23/23
This is a 3-Day Golf Trip with just Dad and I to Kiawah Island. We will play three different courses on the island, with the big one being the Ocean Course.
The Ocean Course has hosted the Ryder Cup and two PGA Championships.

Alaska Cruise

05/13/22 - 05/20/22

Galveston Cruise

05/04/22 - 05/09/22
This was a little 5 Night Cruise out of Galveston.
This was after an 8 day trip with my mom to Chicago and to break up my drive from San Antonio back to Cincinnati

Mom - Chicago Trip

04/24/22 - 05/01/22
Mom always wanted to go to the International Miniatures/Dollhouse Show in Chicago.

I surprised her with a trip that was supposed to actually happen April 2020, but got postponed multiple times because of Covid.

April of 2022 we were finally able to take the trip with consisted of me driving to Chicago, flying to San Antonio, Amtrak with Mom to Chicago, and drive Mom back to San Antonio.

Super Bowl 2022

02/11/22 - 02/14/22

Pre-Super Bowl Cruise LA

02/07/22 - 02/11/22
This is the Pre-SuperBowl cruise out of LA.
It as going to cost me $600 more to leave from Cincy on Thursday than Monday. I left on Monday and found a $600 cruise out of LA.

Kansas City - AFC Championship

01/29/22 - 01/31/22
This is the trip from Cincinnati to Kansas City with Uncle Thad to root on the Bengals in the 2022 AFC Championship Game.